Open Letter to the President of the U.S. North America Barack Hussein Obama

The situation in Syria is worrying and once again the U.S., setting themselves up as policeman of the world, seeks to invade Syria in the name of “freedom” and “human rights”.

Your predecessor, George W. Bush, in his messianic madness knew how to implement religious fundamentalism to perform messianic wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. When stated that he talked to God and God told him that he had to attack Iraq, he did because it was God’s ruling to export “freedom” to the world .

You have spoken , on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the death of Rev. Luther King, also a Nobel Peace Prize , of the need to complete the “Dream ” of a shared table , of whom was the most significant expression of struggle for civil rights racism in the world’s first slave democracy. Luther King was a man who gave his life to give life, and as such he is a martyr of our time. He was killed after the March over Washington, because he threatened with civil disobedience to remain accomplices of the imperialist war against the people of Vietnam. Do you really think that to militarily invade another people is to contribute to that dream?

Arming rebels and then authorize the NATO intervention is not something new from your country and your allies . Nor is it new that the U.S. intends to invade countries in charges of possession of weapons of mass destruction, which in the case of Iraq was not true . Your country has supported the regime of Saddam Hussein, which used chemical weapons to annihilate the Kurdish people and against the Iranian Revolution, and did nothing to punish it because at that time you were allies. However, now you want to invade Syria without even knowing the results of investigations the UN is doing on authorization of the very Syrian government. Certainly the use of chemical weapons is immoral and reprehensible, but your government has no moral authority to justify an intervention.

The UN’s Secretary General , Ban Ki -moon said that a military attack on Syria could worsen the conflict.

My country, Argentina, which is exercising the Presidency of the Security Council of the UN, has made public its position against foreign military intervention in the Syrian Republic, refusing to be “an accomplicit in further deaths”.
Pope Francis also called on globalizing the order for peace and decreed a day of fasting and prayer against the war on September 7, to which we adhere.

Even your historic ally, Great Britain, has refused ( at least for now ) to be part of the invasion.

Your country is transforming the “Arab Spring” into NATO’s hell, provoking wars in the Middle East and unleashing the violence of international corporations . The invasion you intend will lead to more violence and more deaths, as well as the destabilization of Syria and the region. For what purpose? The lucid analyst, Robert Fisk, has stated that the (real) target is Iran, and to postpone the realization of the Palestinian state, and not the outrage that cause the death of hundreds of Syrian children what motivates you to intervene militarily. And just when in Iran has won a moderate government, where there could be tried to contribute to peaceful negotiation scenarios to existing conflicts. This will be a suicidal policy on your part and your country.

Syria needs a political, not military solution. The international community needs to support social organizations seeking peace. The Syrian people , like any other, has the right to self-determination and to define their own democratic process and we must help wherever they need us.

Obama, your country has no moral authority, nor legitimacy or legality to invade Syria or any other country. Much less after murdering 220,000 people in Japan by launching bombs of mass destruction.

No congressman from the United States parliament can legitimate what is ilegitimate, nor legalize what is illegal. Especially considering what said former U.S. President Jimmy Carter a few days ago: “The U.S. does not have a functioning democracy.“

The illegal wiretapping your government doing to the American people seem not to be quite efficient, because according to a public poll by the Reuters agency, a 60% of Americans oppose the invasion that you pretend.
So I ask you, Obama, Who do you obey?

Your government has become a danger to the international balance and to the American people themselves. The U.S. has become a country that can not stop exporting death to keep its economy and power. We will not stop trying to prevent it.

I was in Iraq after the U.S. bombings in the early 90′s , before the invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein. I saw a shelter full of children and women killed by tele-directed missiles. You call them “Collateral damages”.

The peoples are saying ENOUGH wars!. Humanity claims for Peace and the right to live in freedom. The peoples want to transform weapons into plowshares, and the way to do it is to “DISARM THE ARMED CONSCIENCES” .

Obama , never forget we always pick the fruits of what we sow. Any human being should bring peace and humanity, and indeed a Nobel Prize for Peace. I hope you do not end up turning the “dream of brotherhood ” that Luther King longed, into a nightmare for people and humanity.

Receive the greeting of Peace and Good

Adolfo Perez Esquivel
Nobel Peace Prize

September 4, 2013

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