JPV reports xenophobic and misogynistic statements in P1 morning show

Channel or station: P1

Date of broadcast: 2014-05-15

Time of broadcast: 06:47

After being made aware of and listening to Maria Persson-Löfgren’s (MPL) chronicle in the P1 morning show a complaint is in order as her brutal racial slurs and anti-russian standpoints, which not only are in conflict with the requirement of impartiality and factuality, but also constitute another example in the long row of rethorical violations against Swedish citizens with Russian heritage perpetrated by Swedish public service, among others.

Let us dismantle MPL’s xenophobic and misogynistic statements, which were numerous, despite the relatively short segment:

MPL links Russian men with male chauvinism:

”Women are not supposed to decide anything, they should not have any power at all.” This, perhaps surprising, conclusion did not come from a male chauvinistic bearded Russian man, but from a woman in a white t-shirt with gold print gleaming along with her gold fillings and her silvery hair. She called her self Ukrainian.”

Why does MPL connect bearded Russian men with male chauvinism? What does she base this statement on? Why is she connecting ethnicity with a male chauvinistic statement?

Next, MPL wants to deprive Russians in general of the right or possibility of a Russian ethnic identity:

”No one here is actually, despite attempts to prove otherwise, 100 percent Russian. If you preen a bit on this image what surfaces are Tatars, Bashkirians, Circassians, Mongols, Ukrainians, Uzbeks or Koreans. The mixture is so wide-spread that most people cannot even really account for their ancestral origins. There may even be a Nordic Viking or two. When talking about the defense of ethnic Russians, it is very easy to forget that they do not exist other than as Russian citizens. ”

What MPL means is that the Russian ethnic identity is false. Russians have such a great mixture of ethnic backgrounds that not even they themselves can account for it. As if this is not a normal condition of other groups in the world, even for the Swedish ethnic identity? Where are we Swedes descended from, then?

MPL attacks Russian politics, especially its women:

”Unfortunately there are a series of regrettable examples of women in the Ukrainian politics, not to mention the Russian.”

MPL insinuates that Russian policy is widely known to be compromised and that there is no need to talk about it. The focus is on the Ukrainian politics. What MPL says in plain language is that Russian politics should be considered less credible than Ukrainian. The reason that this would be the case is very conveniently omitted.

Finally MPL gives it her all when she pours out degradations directed at Russian women who found love with a Swedish man, where you can also find tendencies for MPL’s intent to, through her description of the highly topical word ”internet troll”, marginalize said women:

”Or take those internet trolls, the slender Russian women, as I imagine them, who married a Swede and who live comfortable lives, but are still wildly engaged in both Crimea as well as Odessa and have opinions on things they do not have a clue about, basing on an unpleasant streamlined Russian agenda a mishmash of ultra-nationalism and a lack of understanding of what human rights really are. ”
This part is filled to the brim with racist attitudes. Let us take it from the top:
Why must a Russian woman who married a Swedish man be slim? Do Russian women not have anything else to offer Swedish men than a slim body? Furthermore these women are desribed as living comfortable lives because they are married to Swedish men (that is why they married Swedish men – to take advantage of them – otherwise they would never have had a comfortable life) and that they should be thankful for this and not be ”trolling” with a lot of opinions that the columnist does not agree with. These women may, in that their only attribute is the slim body, not possibly know what they are talking about. They have come to Sweden to take advantage of Swedish men, to live a comfortable life and to disseminate opinions in line with the Russian ultra-nationalist agenda (she forgot, however, to explain where the Russian ultranationalist agenda comes from since Russian, according to her, is a fake ethnicity).

When MPL finally has taken away all decency from these women she ends with the following conclusion:

”I wouldn’t let these women decide anything either.”

A final and very strange statement from a person employed by Swedish Radio which, with its puplic opinion-forming power in society, chooses to ignore the violations and by doing so takes a position that approves statements that deprive an ethnic minority of its democratic rights in Sweden.

With this segment, which is clearly in conflict with the Radio and Television Act regarding impartiality, factuality and media’s impact, and which also brings to the fore the Penal Code provisions on racial agitation, Maria Person Lövgren lost all credibility as a journalist in a democratic society.

It is deeply regrettable that the Swedish Radio broadcasted a segment with such chauvinistic content. It can have devastating consequences, not only for journalistic ethics but for a fundamental cohesion in the multi-ethnic and multicultural Swedish society.

The segment:


Complainant: Justitia Pax Veritas
Stockholm den 15 maj 2014


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