Support our initiative against a xenophobic mass surveillance society flooded by distrust and discord among the citizens

Français / Deutsch / Español / Русский / Svenska / Српски / Hrvatski We want to live in a society free from threats of terrorism, mass surveillance, self-censorship, interpersonal distrust and discord The recent terror attack in France reminds us of the world we live in and that we shouldn’t take our rights and security […]

Say NO to the instrumentalization of journalists in election campaigns!

The Swedish newspaper Expressen’s recent witch-hunt against an NGO indicates that the the concentration of media ownership in Sweden and the subsequent absence of a genuine media diversity can corrupt journalism, to the extent where journalists allow themselves to be instrumentalized in cut-throat election campaigns. The NGO in concern (Justitia Pax Veritas) has written an […]

JPV reports xenophobic and misogynistic statements in P1 morning show

Channel or station: P1 Date of broadcast: 2014-05-15 Time of broadcast: 06:47 After being made aware of and listening to Maria Persson-Löfgren’s (MPL) chronicle in the P1 morning show a complaint is in order as her brutal racial slurs and anti-russian standpoints, which not only are in conflict with the requirement of impartiality and factuality, […]

Is Sweden’s Television (SVT) white-washing anti-semitic salutes?

Millions of Europeans viewed the Eurovision Song Contest last Saturday. The event was said to promote ”love” and ”tolerance”, but instead ended up being a display of hate-mongering and bullying of ”the others”. Even further anti-semitic salutes were allowed to pass unnoticed. The Russian artists were not treated as two young girls at a song […]

Dear Mark

Journalistic moral courage in Sweden? Spurred by two international intellectuals’ courageous example the association Justitia Pax Veritas is now turning to our Swedish journalists with the peace campaign Dear Mark. The Argentinian Nobel peace prize winner Adolfo Pérez Esquivel recently wrote an open letter to president Barack Obama, himself a Nobel peace prize winner, in […]

Open Letter to the President of the U.S. North America Barack Hussein Obama

The situation in Syria is worrying and once again the U.S., setting themselves up as policeman of the world, seeks to invade Syria in the name of “freedom” and “human rights”. Your predecessor, George W. Bush, in his messianic madness knew how to implement religious fundamentalism to perform messianic wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. When […]

Open letter to the United States ambassador to Montenegro: Please, do not help

By Marko Milačić Your most well-known trademark in the world is not Coca Cola, it is war. Not the civilian four wheel by Ford, but the military apache helicopter. Not New York Times, but an aircraft carrier. Not McDonalds, but Pentagon. Open letter to the United States ambassador to Montenegro, Sue Kay Braun You are […]

Peace researcher: Common to provoke NATO interventions by false flags

STOCKHOLM – From 9th to 11th August a conference entitled ”Nordic peace talks” was held in the Swedish city of Degerfors. The event was attended by several organizations and peace activists from Sweden, Norway and Denmark. One of the attending organizations was Justitia Pax Veritas, a non profit organization headquartered in Stockholm, dealing with issues […]

Swedish journalist nominated for prestigious award for fighting “politically correct” racism

Swedish journalist Jan Hagberg has been nominated for the Raoul Wallenberg Prize for writing about racism within parts of the Swedish establishment, towards those Slavic peoples and nations who ”are not entirely subordinated to the dictates of the West.” Justitia Pax Veritas, a non-profit organization based in Stockholm, recently nominated Swedish journalist Jan Hagberg for […]

Swedish Broadcasting Commission approves hate speech against Serbs

The organisation Justitia Pax Veritas (JPV) on Wednesday handed in a request to the Swedish Broadcasting Commission to review its acquittal of an insert regarding the Pride Parade in Belgrade which was aired on Swedish Radio in the beginning of October. According to the organisation, the commission applied, in several regards, a wrongful set of […]